Things To Expect At Freight Agent Training

Are you considering changing career paths and want to get into the transportation industry, but you know that driving a truck isn't for you? A freight agent is responsible for coordinating the different shipments of freight and handling any issues that may arise during shipment. They may also be called upon to collect fees for the shipment and to handle any licensing or documentation that is required as a part of the shipment. [Read More]

Tips For Surviving Your First Major Convention Or Expo In Another City

Traveling to a major convention for your business or personal hobby can be quite exciting. You'll likely to get to meet a lot of people who have the same interests as you, and you might even learn a thing or two about your business or hobby that you weren't previously aware of. If you've never been to a major expo before though, walking into the convention center and seeing hundreds or thousands of other people can be a bit overwhelming. [Read More]

How To Get Good Hotel Rates

If you're planning a vacation, you want to get the best hotel rates possible. If you get good at spotting the deals and taking advantage of discounts, you can stay at a very nice hotel for a great rate. You'll find helpful information below that you can use to get good rates at a hotel you'll be happy with. Use your membership discount card Don't forget to use a membership discount card number when making your reservation. [Read More]

Why A Catering Service Is Better Than A Potluck For Your Next Corporate Event

Are you in charge of helping plan your company's next big corporate event? One consideration you've probably been thinking about is what kind of food you are going to serve to your fellow employees. One typical way to get food to a company event is by encouraging each employee to bring a dish of their own choosing but this can have some drawbacks. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a banquet catering service for your next event. [Read More]