Why A Catering Service Is Better Than A Potluck For Your Next Corporate Event

Are you in charge of helping plan your company's next big corporate event? One consideration you've probably been thinking about is what kind of food you are going to serve to your fellow employees. One typical way to get food to a company event is by encouraging each employee to bring a dish of their own choosing but this can have some drawbacks. Here are a few reasons you should consider hiring a banquet catering service for your next event.

Professional Catering Services Are Safer

Do you work with people with food allergies? If so, you can tell your caterer about the situation and they will be sure to have foods on hand that are sensitive to your needs. You can try doing the same with a potluck, but with multiple dishes from multiple people coming in, it's possible someone could not get the message. Also consider that most catering companies can also provide a complete list of all ingredients used so that those who have concerns can check the list. This is not something that is likely to happen if you have people bringing dishes from home.

Get the Right Amount of Food

A boring business meeting is at least somewhat manageable with free food. But it can be a nightmare if you run out. If you encourage a potluck, but not enough people bring food, you could end up having people going hungry and zoning out. If you tell your catering service the number of people coming, they can prepare the right amount so that everyone gets their fill.

Less Hassle

Organizing a potluck sounds fun unless you are the person in charge of organizing who is bringing what. If you hire a professional, the food will be one less thing you have to worry about for your event. It might even increase productivity at your company because no one will be getting constant updates through the company email about who is going to bring what dish to the potluck. Just place one phone call to the banquet catering service and be done with it.

If you are putting on a company event and want to serve food, consider hiring a professional service instead of making employees bring their own food. This is less of a hassle for all involved, safer for those with certain diets and will help ensure that the right amount of food is prepared so that no one goes hungry. Talk to a caterer, such as Island Beach Resort, about menu options for your next event.