How To Get Good Hotel Rates

If you're planning a vacation, you want to get the best hotel rates possible. If you get good at spotting the deals and taking advantage of discounts, you can stay at a very nice hotel for a great rate. You'll find helpful information below that you can use to get good rates at a hotel you'll be happy with.

Use your membership discount card

Don't forget to use a membership discount card number when making your reservation. You may be able to receive discounted prices for hotels through your car insurance plan, your bank account or a travel club you're a part of. You want to give your membership number before receiving your quote so it will reflect your discount.

Use your senior/disability discount

If you are a senior or disabled, many hotels will offer you a discount off their normal rates. Ask about these discounts and make sure you take advantage of them before you make your reservation.

Look in a travel guide

When you visit a tourist location, you'll be able to pick up a travel guide at most stores in the area. These guides will list many of the hotels in the area and offer discounts off of the normal rates if you use the coupon code when making your reservation.

Book online

When you book your hotel reservation online, you'll be able to search for the best price. The competition online has made it a great way for people to be able to snag a room at a fantastic rate. This is also a very convenient way for you to plan your trip and allows you to pull up plenty of information on each hotel you are considering staying at.

Visit the hotels site directly

You may find that a hotel is advertising a special on their website that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Many times, a person won't think to go straight to the site and this may cause you to miss out on a fantastic special.

Call the hotel

You may be able to get a good rate by calling the hotel and speaking with them directly. Many hotels will offer a better rate in the early evening hours on rooms they still have available. When you have the clerk on the line, counter offer the rate they give you and you may find out they will accept your offer.

When you're planning your vacation, you may find the above tips to be the key to getting you a great room at an even better price. For more information, contact Clarion Suites or a similar company.