Where To Keep Your Yacht When You're Away From Your South Beach Vacation Home

If you're got a nice vacation condo down in South Beach and you also have a yacht, then it's very important that you figure out where to store your boat while you're back home. You might only be able to travel down to Florida a couple of times a year, so that boat will need a good place to stay while you're not there to take care of it. When it comes to choosing a boatyard in a vacation area, there are a lot of important things to consider. There are tons of marinas all over Miami and the South Beach area, but many of them are designed for people who live in Florida year round. If you're only down there on vacations, then you need to take a few things into consideration. It's best to think about these things before you go out and choose the boatyard service to take care of your yacht.

Moorage Service That Can Accommodate Large Boats

Don't bother wasting time with boatyards that have size limitations. You don't want to try and wedge your yacht into a slip that is too narrow. So, check up online to see their size specs. If they don't make the dimensions clear, but only say that they can accommodate yachts, then email or call for details. Yachts come in all sizes, from small yachts with single sleeping quarters, to the mega vessels that have golf greens and multi-decks (though if you have one of these, it's probable that your personal assistant is doing the legwork for you and will find the nitty-gritty details out).

You also want to ask about their policy on moving the vessels. If you are sensitive to people moving your craft (which might be necessary in some boatyards due to spacing limitations), then you might want to add this requirement to the search parameters and only choose boatyards which will give you a permanent slip. Otherwise, you might have someone jockeying your yacht around the different slips to make room for other boats, and this can cause damage to the vessel.

Good Haul-Out Service

It's important that you choose a boatyard that also has a good haul-out service. You can't keep your boat in water year round—it needs to be taken out, and the hull needs to be maintained. This might include painting, removing barnacles, or even some minor patch work. So, it's very important to choose a yard that offers a good haul-out service. It's also a good idea to pick a boatyard that has established connections with boat maintenance professionals that can come and do the painting. This way you only have to deal with the management of the boatyard, and they can subcontract out the painting and repair work. You don't want to have to organize the yearly out-of-water work from your home half-way across the country. It's much simpler to choose a boatyard that is a one-stop shop.

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