Eliminating The Biggest Misassumptions About Wine Tours By The Average Consumer

Traipsing across beautiful farmlands and vineyards, enjoying the wine varieties available, and getting an inside peek at how the winemaking process works—there truly is a lot to take in when you go on a wine tour. Even though wine tours are a popular way for some to spend their free time or special occasions, there are a lot of everyday consumers who will never consider that this could be something they would enjoy just the same. There are actually some pretty common assumptions about wine tours that are incredibly far from the truth. If you have never went on a wine tour yourself, take a look at these misguided assumptions to make sure you are not missing out on something you will truly appreciate. 

Assumption: Wine tours are more of a couples thing or a romantic getaway. 

Fact: It is true that wine tours are an excellent way to spend a romantic day with a partner, but this is not a getaway solely created for couples. In fact, it is not at all uncommon for entire groups of friends or family members to plan an outing on a wine tour. As with just about any other activity, wine tours can be planned in a way that is suitable for a couple, a large group, or just an individual traveler. 

Assumption: Wine tours are expensive. 

Fact: Wine tours are often wrongly associated with only the wealthier populations, but wine tours do not have to be expensive at all. The cost of a wine tour will depend on everything from which wineries you choose to visit to whether or not wine sampling will be part of the plans. If you work with a wine tour company to plan your trip, you can customize the day's plans to better coincide with how much you would like to spend. 

Assumption: Wine tours are only really enjoyable for those who like to drink wine. 

Fact: If you enjoy trying different wines, the fact that wine tours often involve sampling will be an added bonus. However, even if you do not enjoy the taste of wine, wine tours have a lot to offer. Many of the tours take guests to some pretty remote wineries that have beautiful scenery to enjoy, paths through the vineyards to stroll, and even rides on open or covered wagons to take advantage of. Plus, getting a close-up look at the winemaking process is profoundly interesting.