Visiting Omaha For The First Time? What Are Your Airport Transportation Options?

Whether you're visiting Omaha for business or pleasure, you may be excited at the prospect of visiting the bustling downtown district or the nationally-acclaimed zoo. However, traveling to a new city for the first time can sometimes be intimidating for even seasoned travelers—particularly those who are accustomed to larger coastal cities with streamlined public transportation. What are your best transport options if you're flying into Eppley Field and spending a few days exploring Omaha? Read on to learn more about getting around Omaha for the first time.

What are your best transportation options from Omaha's airport? 

If you're flying into Omaha rather than driving, you'll want a way to quickly and economically get from the airport to your hotel without having to navigate traffic yourself. Although you may want to rent a car at some later point to explore the city on your own, going straight from a plane to sitting behind the wheel in an unfamiliar city may not be how you'd like to begin your trip. 

Your first step should be to contact your hotel to see whether they have an airport pickup service. Many area hotels have a complimentary shuttle to pick up guests and some will even send a staff member to personally meet you at the airport. If your hotel offers such a service, taking advantage of it will be your lowest-cost and most convenient option. Alternatively, there are several private shuttle services that make the rounds straight from the doors of the airport to a number of area hotels. You'll pay a fee for this service (and may opt to tip the driver if he or she helps you with bags) but it will generally be cheaper than a taxi unless you're staying somewhere well outside the city limits. Companies like Broadway Cab may be able to help meet your needs in this area.

For those who don't like the idea of riding in a shuttle with other passengers, a ride-sharing service can be another viable option. These services contract with individual drivers who compete for fares around the city, often at lower rates than taxi cabs. You'll also have more flexibility in where you travel—ride-sharing service drivers may be more likely to help you run errands or take you on a scenic tour around Omaha.

How should you get around once you've arrived?

Although some may opt for a rental car to tour the city or visit a number of far-flung destinations, utilizing a ride-sharing service or even Omaha's bus system can be a good way to get you from point to point inexpensively. Many parts of downtown Omaha are also very walkable, allowing you to explore the city by foot and get some exercise without costing a dime.