Why Staying in a Hotel Can Be Better Than Homestay

If you enjoy traveling for fun or need to go somewhere for business, you may be tempted to reserve lodging at a homestay and rent a room in someone's home or the entire house for the duration of your stay. Homestays have become increasingly popular over the years, but this type of lodging can't offer you some of the perks of staying in a hotel instead. You can find many suitable hotels in major cities and smaller towns that can offer these and other great advantages over homestays.

More Consistent Reservation Guarantees

When you book a hotel room, you'll usually get a confirmation that guarantees that the room you selected will be available on the dates of your stay. Even though some popular homestay websites claim to offer reservation guarantees, these guarantees aren't always honored by the hosts. The homestay host may decide to cancel your reservation with little notice, and you might have trouble finding suitable and affordable lodging if the cancelation occurs shortly before your trip.

Higher Safety Standards

Many homestays are safe, but hotels usually exercise greater safety precautions to protect guests from danger. As safe and reputable as a host may seem, you never know if you'll encounter violence or be the victim of theft or another crime when you choose to stay at a stranger's home. The best hotels in large cities and smaller towns also have working smoke detectors and securer doors with locks that can prevent unwanted guests from entering rooms, and you might not find these features at a homestay.

Better Cleaning With No Additional Fee

Many homestays don't come with housekeeping services, which means that you won't get your bed made, linens washed or sink cleaned by housekeeping staff. The host's home might also not be up to your standard of cleanliness, and this can make your stay far less pleasant. In addition to providing daily housekeeping, most hotels don't charge extra cleaning fees that many homestay hosts charge when a reservation is booked or at the end of a stay.

Less Likely to Get Kicked Out

Unless you damage the premises or engage in unruly behavior that causes disturbances, a hotel won't force you to leave the premises before your checkout date. A homestay host, however, may decide to kick you out because of an alleged rule violation or because they just don't feel like letting you stay there anymore. Unlike a homestay, you also won't have to worry about being refused a room that you reserved at a hotel because a hotel staff member doesn't like something about you upon meeting you.

You can choose from several lodging options when you travel, but a hotel may prove to be a more reliable choice. You should have no trouble finding many excellent hotels in the location where you plan to travel that can provide you with everything that you need to get the most enjoyment out of your stay. Contact a company like Visit New York for more information about hotel stays.