4 Tips To Get Your Bike Ready For Spring

When Spring comes around, you will be back riding your bicycle. It's probably been off the road all winter, so it is a good idea to do some routine maintenance. You don't want to grab your bike and immediately put it on the road. You can damage the bike and more importantly, endanger yourself. So, here is a list of four important things to do in preparation for Spring. Check The Tires [Read More]

Things To Expect At Freight Agent Training

Are you considering changing career paths and want to get into the transportation industry, but you know that driving a truck isn't for you? A freight agent is responsible for coordinating the different shipments of freight and handling any issues that may arise during shipment. They may also be called upon to collect fees for the shipment and to handle any licensing or documentation that is required as a part of the shipment. [Read More]