First Time Flying? 6 Tips To Make Your Trip Easier

Whether you are traveling for business or for personal reasons, if this is your first time flying you may not know the tips below, and you will likely not even think about some of these things until it is too late.

Use Ear Plugs

Earplugs are inexpensive, and they can be a lifesaver on a flight. This is especially helpful if you are flying at night. You can block out pilot announcements, idle chatter, and crying babies that may be sitting across the aisle from you. You can also use these earplugs in hotel rooms to help you sleep better. This is a simple invention many people do not consider, but wish they had with them once the plane gets in the air.

Keep the Smell Away

A crowded airplane can get smelly over time. In case this happens, bring along some lavender lotion. Lavender helps cut through odors more quickly. Rub it on your hands, arms, etc. before you start flying. You can also purchase some lavender spray to spray on your clothes. Smelling this is much better than smelly body odor.

Cover Your Laptop

If you bring a laptop, tablet, etc., onboard the plane with you, bring along a cover and keep it covered when you are not using it. The turbulence from the plane can cause people to spill their drinks, and they could be spilled on your laptop keyboard or tablet screen. A cloth cover will not suffice, as liquids could easily seep through it, so make sure it is leather, vinyl, etc.

Bag Your Things

If you have medications, passports, priceless heirlooms, items that resemble a weapon, you should carry on this bag instead of checking it in. If you do not, you may land at your destination with your bag missing.

Bring Your Own

Some airlines are saving money by slimming down on the amenities they offer their guests. Bring along a blanket, food, travel pillow, head restraint, antacid, magazines, books, etc. to keep you occupied on the flight. You will be glad you thought of these things after you have been on a plane for a few hours. Some airlines offer AVOD (Audio Video On Demand) which is a television screen in front of your seat that allows you to watch a movie, play a game, or listen to music. When booking your flight, ask the airline if they offer this.

Transportation to the Hotel

When you reach your destination and leave the airplane, you likely want to get to your hotel quickly. To do this, plan for transportation ahead of time. Most airports provide vans, cars, etc. to carry their guests to their destination. There are also limo services, like Naples Limousine, that can be useful for transportation. This can save you time from finding a rental car, and the driver will know the directions much better than you will.

These tips can make your first time flying experience go much smoother for you. You will step off the plane relaxed and in a good mood.