Alternatives To Taxi Services Featuring New-Aged Technology

If you're still hailing a cab with a whistle and a wave, you might soon be the only one. Advances in technology combined with the popularity of mobile apps are changing the way people are using-or not using-taxi services these days.

A new trend, developed by environmentally conscious, and tech-savvy entrepreneurs near Silicon Valley in California is revolutionizing how Americans get from point A to point B.

Modern Taxi Services: There's an App for That

That's right. You can now download an app to your smartphone or tablet and request a cab within seconds. The app features "hailing" systems that use GPS to dispatch nearby drivers to pick-up. Users of the service complete the entire transaction, including ride details and payment, prior to pick-up. 

Car service companies are also appealing to a variety of customers by including luxury cars, limousines and hybrids as alternatives to simple cabs. This attempt puts luxury transportation easily accessible any time. 

Some benefits include:

  • Reduced congestion and traffic: Campaign to offer cheaper rates to encourage more passengers and eliminate cars from driving.
  • Speedier ways to get customers to destinations: Pick-ups made in specific areas mean riders won't have to wait as long for rides.
  • GPS to give accurate pick up times: In general, people dislike waiting for cabs. These services are working to change that concept.
  • More comfortable rides and Luxury cars: Allowing people options for transportation focuses on many demographics.
  • Reduction in smog: Reducing amount of people on the road which reduces the carbon footprint of Americans.

How this new system affects the old school cabbies?

For generations, taxi services existed with very little competition. The introduction of these new services are impacting cab drivers greatly. The industry has rarely deviated and has remained unchanged for centuries.

People needing transportation have traditionally hailed a cab, waited for a driver to stop, relayed details regarding specifics of the ride, been delivered and paid fare. It exists this way in cities everywhere.

Some Benefits Include:

  • Comfort in familiarity: Most people don't like change so new technology takes a while to grasp.
  • Ability to get cab without hand-held device: Technology doesn't embrace those who don't evolve
  • Updated taxi cabs that are equipped for payments other than cash: Cabbies are evolving and updating slowly.
  • History of United States: Taxi cabs, like Syracuse Regional Taxi, are symbolic to the landscape of the United States. Completely eliminating the service won't happen without a fight.