Planning A White Water Rafting Adventure

Summer is here and there is no better time to spend outdoors. Why not try something new? White water rafting is an exhilarating and rewarding experience. Here are some tips when planning a trip to discover this adventurous sport:

Do Your Research

The first step in planning your trip is deciding where you want to raft. Do you want to travel or stay close to home? Go online and look up where the closest rivers are in proximity to your location. You need to decide what kind of adventure you are looking for as well. Would you rather have a scenic, calm rafting experience, or a wet, wild adventure with a lot of rapids. This can be researched online or with travel books and magazines. When you decide where you are going, the next step is to call and make a reservation with a white water rafting company. A reservation is needed so you are guaranteed a raft, paddles, life jackets, and a ride. Check on age restrictions if bringing children.


You will need to bring a few items with you to make your excursion pleasurable. Sunscreen is a must if it is a hot, sunny day. When applying, careful with excess application on your face so sunscreen does not run into your eyes; you will be getting wet when rafting. Clothing should be something comfortable and not restrictive. Cotton will make you colder when it gets wet, so try to avoid this material if possible. A pair of old tennis shoes will help you get traction at the bottom of the river or other body of water, and will help avoid injuring your feet. Bring along snacks if the rafting company allows you to bring coolers. Alcohol should be limited in the hot sun and not all companies or rivers allows this, so make sure you research this beforehand. A waterproof camera can snap pictures of your day, but leave your cell phone out of the trip, as you would risk getting it wet.

Enjoy the Ride

The standard sized raft rented through rafting companies holds approximately six people. Bring along a group of friends or family, and enjoy this experience together. Some companies will provide a guide to help you paddle and navigate, and others will give you a quick training and drop you off at the starting point. Make sure to listen and to keep your life jacket on at all times!