4 Reasons To Offer A Shuttle Service At Your Wedding

There are a lot of nuances and additional services that you might want to opt in for your wedding to run smoothly. One that can help you and your guests out is hiring on a shuttle service for the evening. Here are four reasons a chartered bus might be a great way to make sure everyone at your wedding is safe when it comes to transportation.

1. The Destination Wedding

If you are expecting your guests to fly to a scenic vacation spot, your guests might not think to rent cars if your wedding will not be on site at the hotel. Get everyone to your wedding by having a pick-up and drop-off at the hotel that was suggested for guests to stay at. Everyone will get with the schedule and can ride over together to your wedding.

2. Older Guests

It might be a stretch for some older guests to stick out the reception and then drive home in the dark to their hotel. If you will have a large contingency of older, out-of-town guests at your wedding, it might be a good idea to have a shuttle that can get everyone back to the hotel. Be strategic with recommendations and get all of your out-of-town guests at the same hotel so that shuttle drop-offs will be streamlined.

3. The Party Animals

Don't make your friends have drinking and driving even be an option after your wedding. If your venue might be in a location that isn't easy to hail or call a cab, get everyone back to their homes safely. Have your shuttle include a drop-off downtown where folks might want to keep the party going and can then safely hail a cab home.

4. Off the Beaten Path Venues

If your wedding might be hard to get to or have limited parking, don't leave this up to your guests to manage. The last thing you want is your Aunt Diane to miss your nuptials because she got lost or couldn't find parking. If you know that your location is hard to get to or only offers up five parking spots, have a shuttle pickup and drop-off in an easier location in town or at a recommending parking structure to help your guests out.

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is if everyone will find your venue and make it on time. Cut out the worry by helping your guests have a fun, low-stress time by arriving on a chartered shuttle. Everyone can relax at your party and not be distracted about parking or heading home in the dark after one too many cocktails. Contact Pacific Coachways Charter Services for more information and options.