If You Work For A Private Car Service, Know The Rules

People who hire a private car service hold their driver to a certain set of expectations. If you work as a driver for a car service, know what is expected of you so you can succeed in your chosen career.

Be the Car

Most private car services want their drivers to be unobtrusive. Wish your passenger a good morning and then remain quiet unless spoken to. You may be dying to talk about last night's game, but keep it to yourself and let your passenger ask the first question.

Don't Ask for Directions

As a hired driver, passengers expect you to know where you're going. That doesn't mean you always will. If you don't know where you're going, be subtle about it. Purchase a GPS that can fit into a spot your passenger can't see. Then turn the volume all the way down and glance at it subtly and infrequently.

Don't Expect Tips

Private car services will provide a ride one time to a passenger they'll never see again. However, it's in the service's best interest to enter into a contract with a large organization that needs drivers often, like a company that sends their employees on frequent business trips. Gratuity typically is built into these contracts. You may catch someone on a generous day and receive a tip on top of what the contract states, but don't expect it.

Be Punctual

Passengers expect their driver to be waiting for them, not the other way around. It's a good idea to always be at your pick-up point at least 15 minutes ahead of your appointment. If you're picking someone up from the airport, keep track of the flight. A tailwind could make the plane arrive early, which means you should arrive early, too.

Be Well-Dressed

Most car service companies require their drivers to be in uniform. That uniform will often be a black suit with a black tie and white shirt. Your uniform should always be clean and pressed. You should also pay attention to your personal grooming. Get frequent haircuts, shave, and pay attention to your fingernails. Your passenger will notice your hands on the wheel.

Be Safe

The most important part of a driver's job is making sure his passengers are safe. Never take risks on the road. Obey speed limits and other traffic signs. Don't compromise your passenger's safety in order to arrive at the airport a little sooner.

By following these driver tips, your passenger will never notice you. And that's a sign of a good private car service driver!

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